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Through gatherings and workshops, I want to give people a sense of ownership over an experience. I strive to build intentional community by focusing on niche interests, bringing together those who fully intend to show up. I carry themes from my fine art into the events I organize by give people tools to think critically about their role in society/community and the copious forms that can take. By creating diverse spaces, visitors can access the deep corners of their humanity.

OFFERINGS: Event Photography

Lovecraft: Valentine's Day Collage Night - Femme Fatale DC - Feb 14th 2023

Pleasure Market - Rhizome DC - August 2022

Erotic August - Opening Night - Rhizome DC - Augut 2022

Collage N' Chill - Dwell - May 2022

Earthfest - Washington DC - April 2022

Womxn's History Market - Metrobar DC - March 13th, 2022

Clothing Swap - Washington DC - September 15,th, 2021

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